I'm Paul Chaplin, a web-focused software developer based in wonderful Copenhagen. I specialise in HTML5 + CSS3, JavaScript (ES6/7) + jQuery, and Python + Django, on desktop and mobile platforms.

I've worked both independently and in small, effective teams, using version control (with git), agile development (with scrum), and test-driven maintainability to deliver reliable, high-quality software. I'm always happy to explain web technologies in plain English, and to clarify technical details when needed.


I'm a strong proponent of automation and reducing or optimising repetitive patterns, helping to save both time and money. I take a broad-view approach, and won't try to give you something you don't need, but might suggest something you hadn't thought of.

I have a keen eye for detail, and a passion for good usability and accessibility (a11y), along with extensive knowledge of internationalisation (i18n) and localisation (l10n). I also have a strong interest in, and some limited experience with, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Brief background

I started studying HTML in 1999 after I discovered "View > Source" in the venerable IE5, and was bitten by the bug. I moved on to CSS and PHP while managing my first Linux server in 2003, hosting a small but popular forum. I then found myself drawn to Python, which remains a favourite, although I now mostly focus on JavaScript-related technologies. I hold a BSc in computing, and I'm glad to say I still find it relevant even in the fast-moving world of web technologies.


If you're interested in talking to me about the work I do, please drop me a line and we can start a conversation.

I'm also present as @CottlestonPie on Twitter and Mastodon.